I lead a yet-to-be-named research lab at UMass Lowell. Broadly, we seek to understand how robots, conversational agents, and other emerging technologies can be appropriately integrated into socially complex scenarios. Our activities consist of:

  • studying how robots’ behaviors influence humans’ trust, acceptance, and decision-making,
  • simulating interactions in future smart environments to determine how people and robots might work productively and live well within them, and
  • designing intelligent systems that leverage both human-like and non-human-like interaction capabilities toward positive social outcomes.

We are located on the third floor of Southwick Hall.

Lab renovation progress:

Mirabel from Disney's Encanto points to a chest of drawers, outdoor tile flooring, and doors lined up along a balcony walk; each object moves expressively in response to her gesture


⬜️ FLOORS! ☑️

🚪 DOORS! 🔜

Disney owns the gif content; I am merely borrowing it for fun